Are you planning any building refurbishment projects such as remodelling or extensions which may require you to also reconfigure your plumbing system? Our accredited plumbing team are experienced and skilled enough to work on performing plumbing system installations and upgrades whilst refurbishment work is also being done – be it your utility room, bathroom, kitchen or toilet.

Having worked with other tradesmen and building specialists, our plumbers know how to work alongside interior designers and architectural drawings to ensure all work is completed smoothly, conveniently and to the desired standards.


Kitchen Plumbing

We know plumbing configurations for kitchens are generally simpler than bathrooms but consider everything in regards to installations, upgrades and repairs. Usually plumbing will be moulded around the dimensions, structure and shape of the room and appliances required – one sink, a dishwasher, a single drain line, a pair of supply pipes and drain and supply points for any other appliances such as water dispensers or filters. All connection points are considered in line with remodelling plans, flooring, worktop and cabinet positioning and electrical wiring routes to make sure the building process is least complicated as possible.

Bathroom plumbing

For bathroom plumbing, our accredited plumbing engineers record your specifications and analyse the bathroom designs and ensure all plumbing work is done for maximum safety and in line with all regulations – such as contamination prevention of the main water supply, earthing continuity and correct bonding of all pipes and fittings.  During the scheduled work time, we identify all valves, hot and cold water pipes connected to every existing appliance or planned appliance to be added to the room. Essentially we follow all of the rules and our own high internal standards around plumbing procedures to guarantee you an effective, cost-efficient plumbing job.