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Our specialist plumbing team have worked on literally thousands of home and commercial building plumbing jobs since the company started over 20 years ago. This quality, qualified experience has been passed onto every one of our plumbing engineers who service to those in London and Greater London.

Our plumbers can effectively conduct industry standard inspections on your existing plumbing system and evaluate the best installation solution or upgrade for you in terms of system configuration, long-term durability, cost and affordability all within a work project plan scheduled around you for minimal interruptions.

“Our water heater was in need of repair. After having called up and discussing the detail of our issue, their response time was fantastic. Their engineer Lee was over within a few hours and made an instant repair. Everything was covered and at a decent price. It’s been working fine since so thank you.“

How will we help you?

  • Installation/ Repair process – once we get the call and discuss the work you need, our professional engineer will go on site to assess your water heater, faucets, toilet, sinks – whatever it is you need, then set a work plan and perform the installation/ repair conveniently and effectively.
  • Guaranteed long-lasting quality – the work we do is guaranteed to be excellent so you don’t have to worry in the future.

We can help you with:

  • System Installations – from water tanks to residential and commercial plumbing systems
  • Faucets – all water outflow points from bathroom and kitchen faucets, toilets and showers
  • Repairs and Fixes – every individual plumbing system element or the entire system, we do it all

Our plumbers work by our high standards:

  • From audits and checks to all types of plumbing setups throughout the entire home or building
  • Fully accredited plumbers – also Gas Safe registered

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