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Plumbing systems for any building be it commercial or residential are quite vast and some are complex which sometimes makes it challenging to detect water leaks and the source of the issue. Our fully qualified team of local plumbers have specific experience and expertise on the best solutions for water leaks and burst pipes. Having worked on all types of plumbing systems and analysed hundreds of plumbing and drainage system schematics, we know how water works and flows differently depending on the system in place. We are experts in detecting and stemming leaks and ensuring solutions withstand and prevent any problems in the future. So you have an emergency or long standing problem you’re looking to resolve contact us for a free, instant diagnosis and quote and schedule your guaranteed fix in as little as two hours.


Overflow Pipes

We understand the nature of overflow pipes and can determine from its positioning to the eaves of your roof, bathroom, toilet or boiler, its material and directional flow of the outflowing water how effectively your overflow has been set up.

We can help with:

– Reconfiguration of overflow pipes in line with refurbishment projects

– Checks, problem diagnosis and repair


If you are experiencing leaking and need an instant long-lasting repair you should contact us. We employ a process of the latest techniques to detect and fix water leaks such as:

– Isolation valves, full system flushes and stop cock switching

– Pipe tracing, pressure control and misuse prevention

– Ultrasonic water leak detection

We are also available to offer you any advice on water loss and temporary fixes until you are ready to call in the professionals and repair your leak for good.

Burst Pipes

If you suspect a burst pipe or have excessive water loss your water or plumbing system it is best advice to get this rectified as soon as possible due to the financial cost attached to the damage inflicted on your property, its usage and even neighbours and their homes. We can employ:

– Quick, safe, responsive temporary measures until the full scale of the problem is diagnosed                           –

If you have any concerns or questions feel free to contact us to arrange a visit from one of our engineers so you can get an instant long-lasting fix fix, depending on the property type and issue diagnosed to help you:

– Pipe re-routing

– Pressure checks, weather conditions correlation