Drainage and Pipework Replacements, Fixes and Repairs

Our plumbing expertise also extends into drainage services which are just as affordable, cost effective and convenient as testified by hundreds of home and property owners in London and Greater London the past year. We know blocked drains, pipes and waste management issues arise for any residential or commercial building and our team of engineers have built up the experience and credentials to be able to service your needs with the best solution. Our mobile team are on call ready for any emergency or scheduled jobs. Once the call is made, a site inspection will follow, work plan agreed, the scheduled work in the case of non-emergencies and post service support.

Free estimates, great response times, accredited professional drainage services and a 5 year guarantee is what you can expect with us!


Drainage Cleaning

Our fully accredited and licensed plumbing teams know the signs of a clogged drain and the best fix. We’ll analyse the dirt build up and residue, water pressure and flow rates to determine the best cleaning solution for your plumbing system.

We can help you with:

  • Preventative drain cleaning service solutions to stop clogging and drain damage
  • Improve water quality and reach optimal water pressure
  • Kitchen, bathroom and utility room drains

Drainage Repairs

We are fully competent in repairing internal and external drainage damage or drain issues. No matter the scale of the job or size of the drainage network we can repair your drainage effectively at an affordable price.

How we will repair your problem:

– We use the best equipment at our disposal to check for broken, damaged or defective pipes

– Employ structural soft lining or patch lining depending on what we determine the best repair

– Once resolved, benefit from our extended 50 year lifetime guarantee – a permanent fix to your problems

Drainage Blockages

Our expert plumbers have experience with all types of drainage blockages for residential and commercial building main drains and waste pipes.

We know when blocked drains become an issue they can quickly cause stress and hassle to any home or property owner and our team are at hand to help any issue in and around London with their professional knowledge and state of the art, industry standard equipment.  You can expect:

  • Rapid response rates day or night
  • Complete drainage surveys and service
  • High-quality service, maximum cleanliness

Drainage Replacements

Only pipes in state of collapse or totally inaccessible would require a full excavation in order to perform a drainage replacement. However, if you have the expertise and right technological equipment as our professional engineers do, effective replacements can be made. We replace in a way which is affordable to you and is efficient so that only short problematic sections of the pipe are uncovered and replaced.

– Expert pipe checks for cracks, fractures and breaks and other symptoms such as smells or overflows                                                             – We use the best equipment at our disposal to diagnose then make the replacement – using resin soaked tubes is just one of the techniques we use                            – Once the problem diagnosis is clear, we employ our minimal dig excavation policy to make sure we are as least invasive as possible to you and your property