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From our experience, bathrooms, shower rooms and toilets are usually the areas of plumbing work focus in any residential home or commercial building. Do you want quick hot water? Do you need reassurance that no flooding or water damage will happen whilst you are away?

Whatever the appliance or utility, we can handle any plumbing connection or drainage system. Whatever budget or design plans you have in mind, we can help you find the right and best plumbing solution and provide you with a service to match.


Plumbing for bathtubs

We have assessed and drawn up thousands of bathtub plumbing schematics since we started over 20 years ago. Our expertise is driven by our experience amongst every team member and attention to every detail during planning and whilst plumbing is being done. From considerations of the drain lever angle, tension springs in relation to the overflow plate to corrosion prevention, pop up stoppers, trap, sealant types and many other elements – we have it all covered so you don’t have to worry and can trust our service level guarantee.

We have total expertise and cover all minor and major plumbing components such as:

– Bath waste outlets and overflow, bathtub replacements and even recommendations for suitable accessories and maintenance items.

Plumbing for showers, shower and wet rooms

In many properties, shower and wet rooms are opted for to maximise space usage and for styling desires.  Our accredited plumbing team have the skills to set up plumbing systems and upgrade any component whilst making sure your overall requirements for the room will be met.

The water lines needed for a shower room are usually simpler to install or reconfigure because our team have built up the “know-how” over the years as more and more of these requests have come through. No matter what design you have chosen or have planned, our plumbers will make sure every connection best fits the function of your room design and its features such as the shower tray,

Plumbing for toilets and other utility rooms

With refurbishments, structural changes are often needed and sometimes also floor levelling changes. Either way, waste and supply pipe routes will also need to be adjusted. Toilets usually require tweaks to pan connectors and flexible cold water supply pipe connectors. These are just a few of the considerations our accredited plumbing specialists take into account whilst we give you design recommendations and draw up the best plumbing schematics to suite your budget and building.                                                                                                                                                                       When it comes to utility rooms, we strive to reach our same attentive high-quality service standards and consider potential issues based on your washing machine and water heaters along with other aspects such as machine hoses, water type and water softeners. Once our work is done you can rely on our guarantee and feel free to contact us for any plumbing tips and maintenance advice.